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BM-4000 New Song – by Quarters Song list Song/GB
16Q3  (壹陆年第三季新增歌曲)

B11 – Sing China 01 (中國新聲音第一季)

16Q3-M     16Q3-C

B11-M       B11-C

– 379 songs

– 17 GB

16Q4  (壹陆年第四季新增歌曲) 16Q4-M      16Q4-C – 205 / 10 GB
17Q1 + B12 – Sing My Song 03 (中國好歌曲第三季) – Cloud 17Q1-M    17Q1-C    B12 – 300 / 16 GB
17Q2 + B13 – Mask Singer 01 (蒙面唱將猜猜猜第一季) – Cloud 17Q2-M     17Q2-C   B13 – 266 / 13 GB
17Q3 + B14 – Sound of My Dream 01 (夢想的聲音第一季) – Cloud 17Q3       Bonus 14 – 213 / 14 GB
17Q4 + B15 – Singer 2017 (歌手2017) – Cloud 17Q4       Bonus 15 – 217 / 11 GB
18Q1 + B16 – Sing China 2 (中國新聲音第二季) – Cloud 18Q1       Bonus 16 – 433 / 19 GB
18Q2 + B17 – The Next (天籟之戰) – Cloud 18Q2       Bonus 17 – 364 / 17 GB
18Q3 + B18 – Rap of China (中國有嘻哈) – Cloud 18Q3       Bonus 18 – 496 / 36 GB

*Please check chart below for the Minimum USB Size Required for the Quarter you want to get.

Upgrade Songs:

A. Add Song by HDD (硬盤加歌): – Applied to All Machine Upgrade Song:
– Required machine to be sent to our office for this service. please request RMA# by contact us or send us the “Service Request” Form before shipping your machine. Thank You.

B. How to Order “USB Upgrade Song” – 2 ways to order:

*Note: Max 2 Quarters for 1 USB (128-GB)

1. Order USB directly from us
– The price of USB drive is varied from size. Please check our USB Price List.
– Please contact us at 909-348-5558 to order. We accept Visa/Master Credit Card.

2. Sent us Your USB Flash Drive.
– Please fill out our online “USB Upgrade Request” or you can email us at  Please use 128GB USB drive.
– We will email you the RMA# within 1-2 business day.
– After you receive an RMA#, please mail your USB flash drive to our office.
– We will contact you for the payment after we receive your USB drive. Thank You.

C. Cloud Update song: (available now)

1. Free 1 (ONE) Year Cloud Service
– Each machine will have 1 year Free Cloud Service allows you to download songs from our Cloud Library. No limit song download. You can use our Best Media APP or Touch Monitor to access the Cloud list and Download List.
– Please register your machine with serial number at this  link . When you receive the confirmation email, your Cloud Service will be activated.

2. Purchase Cloud Service
– After one year, you can purchase our Cloud Service ($75/ one year)
– Please contact us at 909-348-5558 to order. We accept Visa/Master Credit Card.