BM-2000 Vietnamese – New Song List


Instruction Download
BM-2000 User’s Manual (使用說明書)

Brief Instruction (遙控說明)

Add Song Guide (加歌指南)

BM-2000 Manual

Brief Instruction


– BM-2000 Vietnamese New Song (2500 songs) Song List

How to order

Add Song by HDD (硬盤加歌):       – included Song book (List of 2500 new song only)
1. If your Hard Drive is 2.0TB:       $50/ upgrading service (S/H not included)
2. If your Hard Drive is smaller than 2.0 TB:       $150/ upgrading service (S/H not included) – Replace the new 2.0 TB Hard Drive. We will return your old hard drive to you.
**Note: after upgrade to 2.0TB hard drive, your hard drive is full. You can only record song from DVD into the machine, but space is limited.
*To identify the size of your Hard Drive: unscrew 2 screws on the back, and 1 on the bottom > gently pull out the hard drive and learn if it is 2.0 TB Hard Drive.
— Both required machine to be sent to our office for this service. please request RMA# by phone or send us the Service Request Form  before shipping your machine. Thank You.