BM-4000V New Song List (Vietnamese)



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BM-4000 Vietnamese New Songs
Season/ Volume Total Songs Note before upgrade
Season 7 – 8 – 4297 songs  – 4 TB HDD
Cloud-9A – 148 songs  – Cloud / HDD
Cloud-9B – 150 songs  – Cloud / HDD
Cloud-9C – 147 songs  – Cloud / HDD
Cloud-9D – 141 songs  – Cloud / HDD
Cloud-10A – 297 songs – 62GB  – Cloud / HDD / USB
Cloud-10B – 307 songs – 36GB  – Cloud / HDD / USB
Cloud-10C – 308 songs – 37GB  – Cloud / HDD / USB
Cloud-10D – 305 songs – 37GB  – Cloud / HDD / USB

How to Upgrade song?

There are 2 method to update BM-4000 Vietnamese New Songs.

1. Hard Drive Update Song:   machine is required to mail to our office for upgrade songs. We use HDD upgrade new songs because the size of each season is too large. Unfortunately, some Cloud Volume cannot be placed into external / portable drive because the USB port only read FAT32 format. Portable Hard drive is NTFS. The largest size of USB currently is 128GB, its storage is too small for certain season/volume.

2. Cloud Update Song:   BM-4000 machine supports Cloud server update. You can enter your Cloud list using App or Touch Monitor. There will be 1 (ONE) Year Free Cloud Update Song for each machine.

  • Please register at this link to activate your Cloud Service.
  • After Free service expired, you can contact us at 909-347-5558 to purchase Cloud service.  Fee: $75/ one year Cloud service.

3. USB Add Song – by Volume:   BM-4000 Vietnamese version also support UBS add songs.  When you choose this service, we suggest that you look through the song  list to find your best desired volume to update.

  •    Option 1:  You can mail your USB drive (prefer 128GB) to our office to upgrade.
  •    Option 2: you can purchase the USB drive directly from us.  All price please see: link

Please contact us at 909-348-5558 or Home Page > Request Repair > to request for RMA number before ship out your machine.