Basic & Advance KTV Setup

Guideline Basic setup Advanced setup Information of Mixer & Microphone ------------------------------------------- Sample Connection Diagram: 1. Basic Karaoke Machine:     Required: -  Karaoke System - Basic Microphone (Set of 2) - TV Suggestion: - A pair of Home Entertainment Speakers Video:  via RCA (yellow) output to your TV Audio:  via RCA (red & white) output to your… Continue reading Basic & Advance KTV Setup

BM-3000 Support

BM-3000 Search Song – 搜歌點歌

How to search songs on BM-3000  by remote control by APP by Touch Monitor (optional) -------------------------------------------------------------------- A - By Remote control: English -  Press "Menu" on Remote > press "2" - search by spelling > select "Singer" or "Song name" > input ABC character > see list of song name > press "1-6" to select… Continue reading BM-3000 Search Song – 搜歌點歌

BM-3000 Support · BM-3000 Viet Support

BM-3000 – Record song into HDD (your songs)

Vietnamese machine: - Detail Record Song is still on hold for Vietnamese machine, we may have that feature opens in the future Sometimes, we have celebration events like Birthday Party, Anniversary Event and we want to play customized slideshow video for our love ones or playing TV shows for the party. With BM-3000, it is very… Continue reading BM-3000 – Record song into HDD (your songs)

BM-3000 Support

BM-3000 詳細錄製教程 輕鬆把歌曲從 USB 到硬盤

BM-3000 詳細錄製教程 輕鬆把歌曲從 USB 到硬盤 - How to Detailed Record Song using USB - 很多時候我們會有些特別喜歡的節目視頻或自製作視頻想在家庭聚會或生日Party上播放。但是要記住歌曲編號是挺麻煩的。不用擔心,今天 Best Media 將會教您如何用BM-3000 USB 加您喜歡的歌曲,同時也把歌曲分類到適合的欄目以方便在BM-3000上找到歌曲。這樣您就不用記住歌曲編號了 前提: USB必須先Format到Fat32 (Required: Format USB) Support Format: VOB, MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG2, WMV Please note that BM-3000 is a Karaoke player, not a Karaoke generator. Your music files have to be Karaoke version (2 audio channels)… Continue reading BM-3000 詳細錄製教程 輕鬆把歌曲從 USB 到硬盤

BM-3000 Support

BM-3000 – Add Song (批量加歌)

此批量加歌是歌曲從Best Media合家歡購買。 顧客可寄或直接購買USB。 (一年四季) Video Tutorial a. Format USB b. 進行批量加歌 Guideline a. 把歌加到USB盤 b. 批量加歌 -USB ------------------------------------------------- Video Tutorial 1. BM-3000 Add Song Disc Tutorial 1 (補歌光碟教程1) - How to format USB to Fat32 ( 如何 format USB 到 Fat32) - How to copy songs to USB drive (如何復制歌曲到USB盤上) 2. BM-3000 Add Song Disc… Continue reading BM-3000 – Add Song (批量加歌)

BM-3000 Support

BM-3000 APP – How to Search Songs

  How to Add New Keyboard on iPad/iPhone   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Search Singer on iPad/Android App      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Search Song on iPad/Android App      --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iPad Interface (Chinese machine)

BM-3000 Support

BM-3000 Add to My Favorite (我的最愛)

我的最愛" 欄目  Video 1) 註冊/註銷帳號 2) 收藏/ 點播/ 刪除歌曲 Guideline a. 遙控器版 b. APP版 c. 觸摸屏版 ------------------------------------------------------- 如何加歌 / 點歌 / 刪歌 到 "我的最愛" 欄目 (遙控器版) Part 1: 註冊/註銷帳號 Part 2: 收藏/ 點播/ 刪除歌曲 如何加歌 / 點歌 / 刪歌 到 "我的最愛" 欄目 (19寸觸摸屏版) A. 如何加歌 / 點歌 / 刪歌 到 "我的最愛" 欄目  (遙控器版) 注意: 當選 【我的最愛】時,… Continue reading BM-3000 Add to My Favorite (我的最愛)

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BM-3000 Add to My Favorite (EN)

Add to My Favorite guideline: Video tutorial 1. Register account 2. Add/ Delete/ Play song from Favorite list Guideline a. by Remote control b. by App c. by Touch Monitor --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Add to My Favorite (video instruction) - Using Remote control Part 1: Resgister account Part 2: Add to Favorite/ Play song/ Delete song from list -… Continue reading BM-3000 Add to My Favorite (EN)