BM-3000 Support

BM-3000 連接APP

KOD APP: 連接方式A:  用網路線 連接方式B:   使用Wifi Extender ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 連接方式A:  用網路線 備包括:    - Wifi Router - iPad /Android  平板/手機 - 長網路線CAT 5一條(從BM-3000 接到Router) - 下載 "KOD App" (點擊連接) 整備:         - 把網路線連接到BM-3000機器的LAN接口--> (圖1) -------- 图 1 --------------- Step  1- IP 地址 *請確認您的手機/平板與 BM-3000 同時連接到同一個Wifi   Router    ---> 在手機/平板查看IP Address (IP地址):  a. iPad: - 點擊 "Settings" > "WIFI" - 網路的清單會出現,確認是連接到您家裡的網路(打勾)。 點擊網路名旁的(i) (看圖2)… Continue reading BM-3000 連接APP

BM-4000 Support

BM-4000 Cloud Guide – 雲端下載 – with APP

Using Cloud Service - with Best Media APP Instruction:    點 【中文】 跳到中文教學 Jump to Language:      English    -  中文     -      Tiếng Việt    -    Image Required:  - Register with Cloud Service to have your account activate (see link) - Machine is connected to WIFI (see guide) - Machine and smart… Continue reading BM-4000 Cloud Guide – 雲端下載 – with APP

BM-3000 Viet Support

BM-3000V APP – Search Songs

To connect app: see instruction here 1. How to Add New Keyboard on iPad/ iPhone 2. iPad App 3. iPhone App ---------------------------------------------------------------- I. How to Add New Keyboard on iPad/iPhone  Top ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- II. iPad App: KraOKShow     a. Search Singer's name (1) by English Keyboard: only search English singer - Quick input Ex:  … Continue reading BM-3000V APP – Search Songs

BM-3000 Support

BM-3000 APP – How to Search Songs

  How to Add New Keyboard on iPad/iPhone   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Search Singer on iPad/Android App      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Search Song on iPad/Android App      --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iPad Interface (Chinese machine)

BM-3000 Viet Support

BM-3000 Hook up iPad/Android App

KOD APP: Method 1:  Hook up an Internet cable to BM-3000 Method 2:  Hook up with an Wifi Extender ---------------------------------------------------------- Method 1:  Hook up an Internet cable to BM-3000 Required:   - WIFI Router - iPad / Android Tablet - Long Internet Cable (connect from WIFI Router to BM-3000) - Download "KOD App" on our… Continue reading BM-3000 Hook up iPad/Android App