BM-5000 Cloud Update Complete

BM-5000 雲端終於升級完整了 。 點 此查看固體升級和雲端下載教程

Good news for BM-5000 users! Best Media would like to announce that our Cloud server has completed updating. Thank you so much for all your patience and trust.

  • Special Thanks for all those who have purchased BM-5000 and willing to wait for our Cloud to complete its update. As promised, we will activate your Cloud system now, but we will count your Free Download Service starting from March 1st 2021,
    • Your Free Cloud service will count from: 3/1/2021 – 3/31/2022
      • (For all users who purchase before 2/15/2021)
      • (For users with firmware before BM-5000.1.1.5)
      • – No More Extending, No Exception.
  • The Free Download service should be expired at March 1st 2022, but we decided to extend 30 days, so it is expired at March 31st 2020. This is a gift to show our gratitude and we want to give extra time for users who need help to update firmware or who need to bring BM-5000 to our office for update.
  • It is user’s responsible to use the Cloud service until its expiration date. When Free Service expired, you will need to pay for subscription if you want to continue Cloud service. There is be no extended for Free Service. No Exception.

  • S/N Account Activated List – This is all the BM-5000 Serial Number we have activated.
    • If you received an email or text message from us about Cloud activation, your Cloud account is activated. All you need to do is updating firmware.
    • If you do not receive email or message about Cloud activation, but you have purchased BM-5000. No worried, if your Serial Number is on the S/N Account Activated List, your account has been activated. All you need to do is updating firmware.
    • If you don’t see your Serial Number on the list, simply follow Step 2 below to register, and we will activate your account. In the meantime, you can update BM-5000 firmware.

  • For Updating Firmware:
    • Users who live near Los Angeles Region: if possible, please bring your system to our office and we update the firmware for you.
    • Users who live at other area: please follow and update firmware in its order. If you encounter any problem, please give us a call and we will be prompt to help you. Again, thank you for your understanding.
    • Update Firmware FAQ and Troubleshooting: English  – 中文

For those who purchase after March 1st will follow the regular Free Cloud Service.


**Please update your system to the latest firmware BM5000.1.1.5 in order to read Cloud list and download song successfully from Cloud.


1. Update firmware to 1.1.5

  • a. Check your firmware version:
    • Remote control: Press [System] > look at version: BM5000.1.1.X
    • Touch monitor: Home > Tools > Version > check for BM5000.1.1.X
  • b. How to update firmware:
    • Follow instruction here English – 中文
    • Please follow the order to update. (section 4)
    • Update Firmware FAQ and Troubleshooting: English  – 中文

**While updating, do not disconnect power or data may be corrupted. (Importantt)

2. Activate your Cloud Account

  1. Fill in on line registration form –> Online Cloud Registration Form
  2. Text your Full name, Serial number or picture of Serial # (like the photo Pic 1 – System setup), and your receipt to 909-978-7784
  3. Email your Full name, Serial number and receipt to info@bestmediausa.com

**If you receive notification from us or your Serial Number is on the List, your Cloud account has been activated. You can skip this step.

3. Connect your BM-5000 to internet

See instruction here: English  –   中文 

4. Load and Download Cloud song:

5. Search song on BM-5000 or Cloud:

  • Special Input Format for Web App:
Search EnglishInput:
Full song name – best
– (1st letter Cap)
– My Heart Will Go On
Partial song name
– ̣(1st letter Cap)
– My Heart
Quick search – All CAPS
– (1st letter only)
Do not input:
– Quick search – lower case
– Quick search – Up & lower case
– Full search – all lower case

– mhwgo
– Mhwgo
– my heart will go on
Search Chinese songsInput:
Full song name / Partial
– Traditional
– Simplified
– 說散就散
– 说散就散
Quick search (Pinyin) – ALL CAPS
– (1st letter only)
Do not input:
– Quick search – lower case
– Quick search – Up & lower case
– Full Pinyin

– ssjs
– Ssjs
– Shou San Jiu San
Search VietnameseInput:
Full song name –-> Best way to search
– (1st letter Cap)
– Căn Nhà Màu Tím
Partial name
– (1st letter Cap)
– Căn Nhà
Quick search – All lower case
– (1st letter only)
– cnmt
Do not input:
– Quick search – All caps
– Quick search – Up & lower case
– Full song name – all lowercase
– Full song name – Up & lowercase

– Cnmt
– căn nhà màu tím
– Căn nhà màu tím

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