BM-5000 Support

BM-5000 Password/Codes

Below are BM-5000 Passwords and Codes

  1. Enter System Setting
  • Password: 888888
  • Remote: Press [System] on remote

2. Cloud’s Password

  • If Touch Screen asks for Cloud password: Enter “666666”, then you will able to download Cloud songs.

3. Youtube App has errors or not working properly

  • Remote: Input [00000] > [Enter] > Input [249] > [Enter] > notice TV screen will state [Youtube App has downloaded successfully]
  • This requests the system to remove and then re-download Youtube App
  • When using Youtube app, remember to update if the system asks.

4. If QR code is not showed on TV screen

  • Check that BM-5000 is connected to WIFI successfully
  • Press [System] > [Network setting] > check if your WIFI network is connected
    • If not, simply select it and re-connect
  • It will take a while for the system to successfully read and connect to WIFI
  • Wait a few minutes to see if QR code is shown. (Make sure you have stayed on step 2 for a few minute before process to step 3)
    • If not, input [00000] > [enter] > Input [248] > [Enter] > to re-download QR code app. –> this rarely happens

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