BM-5000 Support

BM-5000 Firmware Instruction


Updating firmware will fix bugs and make the operating process easier to control

  1. How to view Firmware version
  2. Prepare USB drive for updating
  3. How to update
  4. Firmware Versions



1. How to view Firmware version.

  • Remote control: Press [System] > look at version: BM5000.1.1.X
  • Touch monitor: Home > Tools > Version > check for BM5000.1.1.X
    • **By 03/19/2021, the latest version is BM5000.1.1.6
    • If your firmware is under this version, please update accordingly.

2. Prepare USB drive for update

  • a. Download firmware version (section 4)
  • b. Format USB drive (FAT 32 or ExFAT) – empty USB drive
  • c. Copy firmware into USB drive
    • **Only 1 firmware file is allowed in 1 USB.
    • **If you need to update more than 1 firmware. (For each firmware update: repeat step 2a – 2c, and Section 3)

3. How to update

  • Remote:
    • Press [System] > PW: 888888 > choose “Update” > Local Update
    • Choose [Confirm] and follow on screen instruction
    • Depending on the size of updating, some firmware versions take longer to process. We ussually put a note of what to expect next to the firmware version when the process requires longer time to complete. So please read the note carefully (on Section 4 – Firmware version)
    • Do not disconnect power (Important)
    • Machine will automatically restart.
  • Verify firmware
    • Press [System] > check the firmware version: BM5000.1.1.X

Firmware FAQ:  –> English – 中文

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3: Choose [Confirm] then follow on screen instruction

4. Firmware version

Please update firmware in the order (for the best performance)

Click on version to download:

Firmware (in order) Instruction
Version 1.1.3_1–> please unzip > only copy BM5000.apk into USB drive
Version 1.1.3_3 –> please unzip > only copy BM5000.apk into USB drive
Version 1.1.3_4update on 12/2020
–> please unzip > only copy BM5000.apk into USB drive
Version 1.1.4update on 01/2021 – only suggesting to customer using Amplifier & Speakers. (customer using TV only please do not update yet)
–> Do not unzip – copy the zip file into USB drive and follow Section 3

– This is large update, so it will take longer (5-7 mins).
*During the process, it is normal to see TV screen turn black.
– Only Touch Monitor will show Android logos and update process.
*Do not disconnect power –> or it may corrupt the update
– When there is blue screen + some background music, wait until the music stops. Press [Power] to turn off and restart BM-5000
– OR system will automatically restart after update
–> System should update successfully. Check firmware version after it restarts.

Firmware 1.1.4 FAQ: see Section A –> English – 中文
Version 1.1.5update on 02/12/2021
–> please unzip > only copy BM5000.apk and the txt file into USB drive

– Load and read Cloud list successfully
– If Cloud song stays at 0%, please wait for Cloud list to sync with local list (30-45 minutes).

– Users live near Los Angeles Area can bring your system to our office for Free firmware update.
– Users live in other Area can follow Section 3 above to update.

Firmware 1.1.5 FAQ: see Section B –> English – 中文
Version 1.1.6 update on 03/19/2021
–> please unzip > only copy BM5000.apk into USB drive

– Show Cloud list syncing status.
After update:
– After WIFI is connected, please let BM-5000 runs for 30-45 minutes (to read and sync Cloud list with local song list). –> only need to do it once
– Do not disconnect power and internet connection.
*Version BM5000.1.1.6_N = Cloud list is syncing, please wait
*Version BM5000.1.1.6 = Cloud list completed syncing. You can start to download songs.
– Remote control: Press [System]
– Touch Monitor: Home > [Tools] > [Version]
*Touch Monitor: Home > Tap any Cloud song to download > [Cloud Download] :
> Sync completed: see downloaded song process
> If not completed: Song is remain at 0%, please wait for Cloud list to sync (est. 30 minutes) > notice there is sync update process

When BM-5000 is turned on:
– Please wait 5 minutes for internet connection and any Cloud list update. Thanks.

Firmware 1.1.6 FAQ: see Section C –> English – 中文

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