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BM-5000 Cloud Register


Thank you for using our BM-5000 Karaoke machine. Every BM-5000 will have 1 Year (12 months) Free Cloud Download.

  1. Cloud Service Info
  2. How to Register
  3. How to find Serial Number
  4. How to use Cloud Download


A. Cloud Registration Info:

  • English   
    • Every New BM-5000 has 1 Year Free Cloud download.
    • Receipt is required to upload for register Cloud Service.
    • Please register within 30 days after purchased.
    • If you register later than 30 days (2-3 months late), your Free Cloud Service will count starting at the 31st days (from the purchased date).  
    • User will be responsible to register and use Free Cloud service.
    • When Free service expired, we do not accept any request for extending free Cloud. No exception.

*Note:  Cloud fee will not apply to Hard Drive update service fee.  There are separate service.


  • Chinese  
    • 請註冊您的機器號碼便可享受12個月的免費雲端下載歌曲。
    • 必須上傳收據。若您以後不小心丟了收據,我們至少會幫您保留收據。
    • 請在購買的30天內註冊雲端服務便可享受一年完整免費雲端下載。
    • 若在購買的30天過後才註冊(如2-3個月後),您的免費下載服務只能從您購買的第31天開始算。
    • 客人有責任在免費期間用雲端下載想要的歌曲。 
    • 一年到期時雲端會額外收費。 恕沒有延長免費雲端下載服務。 本店官方網站有協助使用雲端功能。

*備註: 雲端下載與硬碟加歌是兩個不一樣的服務。 若您已購買雲端但想要硬碟加歌, 我們還是會按著硬碟加歌收費的。


  • Viet  
    • Xin đăng ký để quý khách có thể download nhạc miễng phí trong 12 tháng. 
    • Phải upload receipt. Chúng tôi sẽ save receipt của bạn lỡ như sau này bạn mất receipt và cần cho warranty.
    • Xin hãy đăng ký trong vòng 30 ngày.
    • Nếu bạn đăng ký trể hơn 30 ngày như 2-3 tháng, thì dịch vụ free download của bạn sẽ bắt đầu tín từ  ngày thứ 31 (từ ngày bạn order).Back to Top

B. How to Register:   

Use one of these methods below to register:

  1. Fill in on line registration form –> Online Cloud Registration Form
  2. Text your Full name, Serial number or picture of Serial # (like the photo Pic 1 – System setup), and your receipt to 909-978-7784
  3. Email your Full name, Serial number and receipt to
  • To find Serial Number:  press [System] button, take a photo on your TV, and send us the picture (like the photo at the end of this page – Section D).
  • Put subject:  BM-5000 Cloud Registration.
  • Please allow 1-2 business day for your account to be activated. Thank you.

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C. Serial Number & Firmware

  • Serial number:   press [System] > look for S/N: 80XXXXXXX
  • Firmware: press [System] > look for BM5000.1.1.X
  •  機器號碼:  按【系統】, 查看畫面上的左下角S/N 號碼
  • Firmware:  按【系統】, 查看畫面的 BM5000.1.1.X

Pic 1 – System setup

**Please allow 1-2 business day for activate your machine. We will send the notification message to your email or text your phone. Your 12 Months Free Cloud service will start when you receive the notification message


D. How to use Cloud Download: 


  • BM-5000 has to connect to WIFI (see guide)
  • Activate Cloud Account
  • BM-5000 is updated to the latest firmware (see Firmware)
  1. BM-5000 Cloud Guide – 雲端下載 -with Web APP
  2. BM-5000 Cloud Guide – 雲端下載 – with Touch Monitor
  3. Cloud FAQ: English   –   中文   

If you still have any question or encounter any problem, please contact us at 909-348-5558 or Thank you.

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