BM-5000 Support

BM-5000 Record from USB


I. Format USB

1A. Preparation:
*Music file: support format: VOB, MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG2, WMV) – Not support MIDI

* Please note that BM-5000 is a Karaoke player, not a Karaoke generator.
Your music files have to be Karaoke version (2 audio channels) in order to toggle from vocal to non-vocal in BM-5000. If the music is just a MTV (1 audio channel), then it cannot be switch between vocal to non-vocal when you record into BM-5000

1B. Format USB:     (*Make sure your USB is EMPTY or backup USB first)         

– Format on Window: (Pic 1-2)
1. Plug USB into computer’s USB port
2. Click “Start”, choose “My Computer” > Right click on USB drive
3. Select “Format” > Choose “FAT32” > Check box “Quick Format”
4. Click “Start” and choose “OK”

– Format on Mac:
1. Plug USB into Mac
2. Click “Finder” > “Application” > “Utilities”> “Disk Utility”
3. Select the USB drive from the Left pane of Disk Utility (Make sure to select the root USB flash drive, not the intended under it)
4. Click “Eraser” tab on the right panel > Click “Format” drop down menu
5. Choose “FAT32” > Click “Erase” and then “Erase” again in the confirmation window
6. Mac will run to reformat USB.

Pic 1 – right click USB drive
Pic 2 – Format USB drive

II. Rename File’s name Before Copy

  • To help the system reads your file’s data, rename your file into the below format (use “-” to separate)
    • Format: Singer -Song name- language – category
    • Ex: Taylor Swift -Love Story – English.mkv
    • This song will be listed under Language (English), and Artist (Taylor Swift)
  • Chinese input: use “Simplified input”
    • System can correspond with correct singer (Pic 3) & auto generates Pinyin
    • Traditional input: system cannot corresponding to singer’s list (Pic 4)
Pic 3 -Using correct format helps system to read correctly
Pic 4 – Same song: Traditional vs Simplified input
  • Add Category:
    • Adding category can help to place the song under its best type
    • Ex: Idina Menzel-Let It Go-English-Children
  • Category: Children song, Country song, or Voice of China (中國好聲音)- Pic 5 & 6
Pic 5 -Song Category
Pic 6 – Song Category – Chinese contest

III. Copy files into USB:

  • Required:  create a folder
  • –  After formatting, create an empty Folder: newsong (all in lowercase)
  • – Copy all songs into that Folder
  • – Any files outside of this folder will not be read or copy into hard drive


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IV. Play songs from USB – with Remote Control

  1. Press [KOD/DVD] on remote
  2. “Whether excecute the File Manager App?” > choose “Confirm” (pic 7)
  3. Select Video (2nd icon) > choose USB (pic 8)
  4. choose Newsong folder (pic 9)
  5. Use [Up/Down] to select file to play
  6. Press [Return] to leave
Pic 7
Pic 8- Icon meaning
Pic 9 – Select “Newsong” folder

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V. Play and Record songs from USB – with Touch Monitor

  • Home >  USB > “USB Add Song” (pic 10)
  •      [Play] – Tap on song name to play (pic 11)
  •      [Record] – check box & tap [add  song] (pic 11)
  • After download, where is the recorded song located?
    • Home > New Song > It should be on the last page
    • Home > under the category of that file name (Pic 12)
Pic 10 – Touch Screen Home
Pic 11: Format: Singer – Song Name – Language – Category
Pic 12 – Under “Voice of China” Category, songs from Pic 4 & 11

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VI. Questions about Recording

For more USB Recording FAQ: – English –   中文

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