BM-5000 Support

BM-5000 Connect Internet

Method 1: Set up with WIFI Mode

Method 2: Set up with LAN connection


Method 1 – WIFI Mode

  • Required: WIFI network, BM-5000, and WIFI Antenna (included)


A. by Remote Control
  1. Press [System] > Setting > Network Setup > WLAN page (Pic 1)
  2. Make sure WLAN > ON (blue)
  3. Select WIFI network > enter WIFI Password > press [Return] to exit keyboard
  4. Select [Connect] > Restart System
  5. After Restart, press [System] > Network Setup > check your network
    1. If network is connected: Great!
    2. If network is NOT connected (Pic 2): select Network > select [Connect] (Pic 3)
  6. To check WIFI: Press [System] > check on right corner of Blue screen > WIFI IF: if there is IP address -> connect successfully (pic 3). If not, repeat step 1-4

**Make sure to install WIFI antenna (included) to extend the WIFI range.

Pic 1 – WLAN page: Select WIFI network
Pic 2 – After restart: network is not connected
Pic 3 – Select network – Choose [Connect] as highlight blue
Pic 4 – WIFI connected

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B. By Touch Monitor
  1. Home > tap [WIFI] icon on top right corner
  2. Select your WIFI network > enter Password (Pic 5)
  3. Tap [Connect]
  4. Icon turn blue –> successfully connected
  • *To disconnect WIFI network:
    • Home > [WIFI] icon > tap on the same network (connected)
    • > A screen will ask to confirm disconnect > Yes > WIFI disconnected from that network
Pic 5 – WIFI network on Touch Monitor

Method 2: set up with LAN connection

  • Required: WIFI Router, BM-5000, and CAT5 cable (Internet Cable)
  1. Plug CAT5 (internet) cable from WIFI router to BM-5000’s LAN portTurn on BM-5000
  2. Check connection – Press [System] > Lower left corner: Wired IP: XXXXX –> successfully connected
  3. Use Web App to search & play Youtube App

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