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BM-5000 Connection

  1. . How to connect
  2. Touch Monitor Setup
  3. How to operate

1. BM-5000 How to connect:

A. Basic KTV Setup (without Speakers & Amplifier)

Required: BM5000, TV, and Microphone

  1. Audio = connect RCA cable (Red & White) from BM-5000 to TV
  2. Video = connect RCA cable (Yellow) from BM-5000 to TV
  3. Microphone = connect to BM-5000
  4. WIFI antenna = connect included WIFI antenna on BM-5000 (for better WIFI range)

  • Pros: Affordable and simple setup
  • Cons: This set up has limited sound outcome. Noted that it is normal to hear voice delay from microphone. Avoid high pitch or loud sound, which can damage your TV’s Speakers.

**Note: This setup will use your TV’s speakers as the sound output. we do not suggest to use home theater system ̣(such as Bose) because it may damage the speakers.

Also, HDMI can only output high quality images and background music, but not sound from microphone. Because Microphone is using analog (same as RCA) to output sound while HDMI is using digital.


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B. Advance KTV setup  

Require:  BM5000, TV, Microphone, Amplifier + Mixer (or Mixing Amplifier), and Speakers

  1. Video = connect HDMI cable from BM5000 to TV
  2. Audio = Connect RCA (red/white) from BM5000 to Mixer (Mixing Amplifier)
  3. Microphone = connect to Mixer (or Mixing Amplifier)
  4. Connect Speakers with Amplifier/ Mixer
  • Pros: Louder and better sound quality, adjustable sound outcome and effect (echo, tremble, etc.) , customize system for specific effects
  • Cons: Expensive

**Notes: Mixing Amplifier = Mixer + Amplifier

  • **Home theater speakers system is not recommended. If there is high pitch or sound enters from microphone, it may cause damage to the speakers.
  • Best Media’s Mixing Amplifier has built-in Auto Corrected Power Protection. When it senses the high sound (power), it will automatically shut down the system to protect it from damaging the Amplifier or the speakers. However, if you are using Karaoke Amplifier, paring with karaoke speakers is a better investment for both long-lasting and quality performance.

More questions about which device for KTV setup: English中文

BM5000 Connection Diagram


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2. Touch Monitor setup

If you also bought Touch Monitor: 25 feet extension VGA and CAT5 cable are included.

  1. Touch Monitor’s Image = connect VGA from BM-5000 (VGA) to Touch Monitor
  2. Touch function = connect CAT5 (Internet) from BM-5000 (Touch) to Touch Monitor
  • Q: Why Touch Monitor doesn’t react when I touch? (Touch function fail?)
  • A: Please check your CAT5 cable first. Make sure it is connected to BM-5000’s Touch (not LAN).
  • Touch function still doesn’t work: change Touch output format
    • Reason: BM-5000 supports both 19200 and 9600 Touch Monitor.
    • Prepare: wired or wireless mouse
      1. Connect wired / wireless mouse to BM-5000’s USB port
      2. Tap on the mouse, you will see there is an arrow appear on Touch Monitor
      3. Remote: Press [System] > PW: 888888 > [Maintain]
      4. Use the mouse to click on [Other Setting] (the guy holding guitar)
      5. A window will pop up, click on [Baudrate]
      6. If your screen shows dotted on 19200B, please choose [9600B] OR
      7. If your screen shows dotted on 9600B, then choose [19200B]
      8. Choose [OK] > press [Return] to go back to Public Play
      9. Try to tap on Touch screen to see if it reacts.

Check here for more Touch Monitor FAQ


3. How to Operate BM-5000:

  1. Turn on TV first
  2. Turn on All other devices: Amplifier, Mixer, Microphone
  3. Turn on BM-5000
  4. It is normal for Touch monitor shows images first. It takes a while for TV to display images.
  5. If TV shows: No signal –> it is ok, give it a few minutes then you should see the song is playing.

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