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Touch Monitor – Install (EN)

How to Install BM-Monitor

Included:      – Monitor, Stand, Power adapter, VGA cable, CAT5 cable, Bottom Plastic (for stand)

  1. Unscrew the screw (A) on the stand to remove the metal plate
  2. Unscrew the screw (B) from the back of the monitor
  3. Stable metal plate on monitor with screw (B)
  4. Place the bottom plastic onto the stand (the gold color on the back)
  5. Hold the monitor up and place the cables inside the neck of the stand
  6. Make sure all 3 cables reach the end of the stand
  7. Install screw (A) to secure the monitor to the neck of the stand.
  8. Connect to BM Karaoke player

          Image function – Plug VGA cable (included) to machine’s VGA port
          Touch function – Plug CAT5 cable (included) into machine’s Touch Screen port

          Power – Connect Power cable into Power port

Check system setup if cannot Touch

Monitor 19200:   Press “System” > “Basic setting” > OtherDev -> T_S (19200) pg 3/5

Monitor 9600:     Press “System” > “Basic setting” > OtherDev -> T_S (9600)   pg 3/ 5       (Monitor 9600 – has sticker on the back)

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