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Basic: Question about HDMI

1. HDMI and AV Component
– HDMI does display audio & video.    BUT…. it will not transfer your voice from microphone.

a.  NO sound from microphone if audio output is HDMI
Please note that the HDMI video and audio’s content are digital, while audio information (L/R) of AV component are analog. The audio from your microphone is also analog and therefore it cannot transfer the sound from microphone to the HDMI output. (refer to table below)

Output audio’s content Microphone
HDMI digital Cannot transfer sound through HDMI
AV Component analog analog, able to transfer sound

Currently, most of Karaoke Players’ HDMI in the market are the same.  The purpose of HDMI is providing better video quality, and sound because it is made for home theater, unfortunately it is not specified for singing. Therefore, we suggest customer to use AV in order for microphone successfully transfer your voice into the system.

*We also suggest customers to sing songs with a pair of speakers instead of directly connecting to TV because it may damage the TV’s speakers. For the best sound feedback, we suggest customers to get an mixing amplifier and speakers. If you have any question about speakers or amplifiers, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.


  • Video:  keep your HDMI for video output for high quality
  • Audio:  use a RCA cable (Red & White) to hook up to your Mixer (required amplifier & speaker)  or  Mixing Amplifier (required speaker)
  • Microphone:  hook up on to your Mixer/ Mixing Amplifier

-Pro:  you will be able to adjust your mixer’s setting, and control the outcome of your voice and the back ground music.

OR, you can stick with RCA cable for both audio & video.

  • Audio & Video:  connect RCA cable to your TV (sound will come out from TV’s speaker)
  • Microphone:  directly hook up with our karaoke machine (mic output)

*However, you will notice a big different from using TV’s speaker. You will not have lot control over the outcome of the sound.  Also, it is possible there are some sound delay when you sing.  This is normal because the microphone output is very basic.




其實我們都建議客人不要用TV直接來唱卡拉OK。 因為這很容易傷害到TV的喇叭,而且麥克風的聲音透過TV都比較不穩定,您的聲音播出時可能會延遲。


其實很多已有家庭院系統的客人也遇到這個問題。 雖然他們的電影院有擴大器,不過那只是用來調歌曲音量。所以我們建議客人購買一台Mixer就可以唱歌了。

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