Basic & Advance KTV Setup


  1. Basic setup
  2. Advanced setup
  3. Information of Mixer & Microphone


Sample Connection Diagram:

1. Basic Karaoke Machine:
    Required: –  Karaoke System
– Basic Microphone (Set of 2)
– TV

Suggestion: – A pair of Home Entertainment Speakers

  • Video:  via RCA (yellow) output to your TV
  • Audio:  via RCA (red & white) output to your TV
  • Microphone:  hook up to the karaoke system (if not available, you will need a mixer)

– It is easy to hook up and it is very basic. Decent image output and audio output. Affordable price.

– However, there will be a little bit delay when your voice travels directly from BM-3000 to TV. Also, be aware that it may damage your TV’s speaker if you sing directly to Machine and connected directly to TV. (Because TV is made for watching movie, not for singing karaoke).

– We always suggest our customers to use a pair of home entertainment speakers instead of singing directly to TV. First, your outcome voice won’t be delayed much comparing to directly connecting to TV and then, you can protect your TV’s speakers.


2. Advance Home Entertainment:
    Required: –  Karaoke System
– Microphone (set of 2)
– TV
– Mixing Amplifier (or Amplifier & Mixer)
– A pair of Home Entertainment Speakers

If you are concerned about the effect of your voice when singing, you may want to consider a basic or good set of microphone (depending on your need) and a mixing amplifier.


  • Video:  via HDMI to your TV
  • Audio:  via RCA (red & white) output to Amplifier/ Mixing Amplifier
  • Microphone:  hook up to the Mixer / Mixing Amplifier.
  • *Mixer:  hook up to Amplifier

*If you are using mixing amplifier, skip this as long as your amplifier has microphone output.

– Enjoy high quality video and music from the system.  You can adjust your outcome sounds from the mixer.  Good speakers and amplifier system will deliver louder volume, excellent sound, and quality music.  You don’t have to worry of damaging your TV’s speakers even if you sing louder.  However, do not scream into your microphone because it will definitely destroys your speakers. lol

– It will be more expensive comparing to the basic setup. But you will get what you are paying for. You may need help to install the machine or learn to do it yourself.

If you already have a set of home theater system, you may consult with professional before paring your speakers to a mixing amplifier.  You may also have to learn how to install the system with your prior devices by hiring professional or do it yourself.  Simply navigate through a few of our tutorial posts, especially on our latest model, BM-4000.


* What is Mixing Amplifier or Mixer?

– Mixing amplifier is a 2-in-1 system.  It can deliver the depth and dynamic of the music, and allow you can have a nearly full control of your outcome voice.

– Indeed, basic mixer can let you control echo, key, lower sound feedback for each individual microphone input.  But you still need an amplifier to output your music and voice to the speakers.

* How about Microphone?
– You still can get a good sound outcome with a basic microphone if you are using mixing amplifier. At least, mixer can analyze the sound and make it become more lively and appealing instead of a flat sound (which sounds like reading or speaking instead of singing). However, you can choose to get a better (mid-range) microphone, so you can have a full control of your sound when you are singing. Mid-range microphone can offer you wider range of frequency choice, reduce surrounding noise, handle vibration, provide individual voice control for precise vocal balancing, and varies functions depending on the mic model that you choose.

-Advance Home Entertainment Set is an excellent choice for both Home and Studio Entertainment. You can use this system for home party, social events, or even studio performance.

*Please note that pairing a set of amplifier and speakers is very important. Compatible amplifier and speakers will deliver better, lively, real, and attractive voice outcome, while reducing surrounding noise and feedback. In contrast, randomly paring a set of amplifier and speakers may damage your speakers or may lead to amplifier overheating. If you are not sure which speakers or amplifier to choose, we are always happy to assist you to choose the best set of amplifier and speakers that fits your needs.


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