BM-3000 Support

BM-3000 Touch Monitor (EN)


  1. Touch Monitor setup
  2. Touch Monitor Sensitivity
  3. Touch Monitor Interface
  4. My Favorite


A. Touch Monitor setup

Image function   – Plug VGA cable (included) into BM-3000
Touch function   – Plug CAT5 cable (included) into BM-3000’s Touch Screen port
Power    – Connect Power cable into Power port

Problem Solution
No image – check VGA cable, reconnect VGA. Restart BM-4000

– make sure the cable is not loose

Cannot Touch – check the CAT5 cable, reconnect CAT5 cable.

– make sure CAT5 connect to BM-3000’s Touch Screen, not LAN

No power – check if the power button is on. Button located at bottom back of Touch Monitor.

B. Touch Monitor Sensitivity

If you feel that the mouse point of touch screen isn’t sensitive when you are tapping. You can adjust Touch Monitor sensitivity by:

 by Remote control:
–   Press “System” > PW: 347437 > “Basic Setting” > “Touch Screen Area” Pg 3/5
–   There are 4 Red dots appear on touch monitor > tap on the Red dots > After done setting, press “Return” to go back to singing screen > Done.


C. Touch Monitor Interface:

  1. Home Page

—-Pic 1—-

Home page
Singer – search by singer name
Song name – search by song name and sort by language
Language – list of new, updated songs
Advanced – song category

—-Pic 2—- by Singer


  1. Icon Meaning(Pic 3)

—-Pic 3—-

English Chinese Meaning
[Prio] [優先] – order to play the song priority. This song will be placed on top of the queue list, and will be played after the current song ended
[Collect] [] – collect song into My Favorite
[Preview] [預覽] – preview song
[Del] [] – this icon only appear under “My Favorite” list. Tap “Del” to remove songs from My Favorite list
  1. Search Song
    – Connect Best Media Touch Monitor to BM-3000
    – Choose “Singer” or “Song name” or “Song language” (Mandarin, Cantonese, English…)
    – use the right section to search song (by Pinyin, hand writing)

—-Pic 4—-

—-Pic 5—- input

Search option
a. Hand writing input Chinese character (see Pic 5)
b. Stroke input Use number of stroke to sort songs
c. Pinyin follow A1 for inputting ABC letter (only the first letter)

only search Chinese/ English songs (Pic 4)

d. Zhibu Use number of word to sort songs
e. Song ID Input song ID number to search song


  1. MTV Interface
    You can view MTV screen on Touch Monitor like on TV.
    – Home > tap on small screen “MTV” at home page – Pic 6
    – Tap again to come back to search interface

—-Pic 6—-

  1. Setting

– To change Language Interface, you need to use Remote control
– Press “System” on Remote , enter PW: 347437
– Choose “Basic Setting” > Language (1/5)
– Use L/R button to select your desired language
– Press “Back” to return to the singing page
– Machine will saved setting.


D. My Favorite

1. Register your account
–  On the home page, press on “Advance” Icon (高級)
–  Choose “My Favorite”
–  A register screen asks you to register a cell phone number/account number.
–  Just enter an account number that you like (for ex: 33333)
–  Then click “Register” (注册)

—Pic 7— Touch Monitor: Log in My Favorite

  1. Add song into My Favorite
    – Look for song(s) that you want to add
    –  Choose the icon that after the song name (藏) or Collect
    –  That song will automatic add to your favorite list

—Pic 8– Touch Monitor: tap “Collect” to save song into Favorite list

  1. To View songs inside of My Favorite List
    –  On the home page, press on “Advance” Icon
    –  Choose “My Favorite”
    –  Enter your account number/ phone number
    –  Your Favorite list will be shown

—Pic 09– My Favorite page

  1. To Delete song inside of My Favorite List
    –  Inside of Favorite songs list, press on the icon Delete删除 to delete song

—Pic 10– Preview song or Remove Song from My Favorite Page

  1. To Delete account
    –  Inside of Favorite song list, choose the green Icon called: Log Off or (注銷)
    –  The account will be deleted.


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