BM-4000 Support

BM-4000 Record your voice

Record your Voice: 

  1. Connection
  2. How to Record You Voice
  3. How to Save to USB
  4. How to Play from USB
  5. Jump to Image – Photos

For Record FAQSee Section F – Recording function here



  • BM-4000 player
  • Best Media Touch Monitor
  • 3 x RCA cables
  • Amplifier and Mixer (or Mixing Amplifier)
  • Speakers and Microphone
A. Connection
  1. BM-4000 Setup (see pic 1)
  • Video output:   use HDMI to connect from BM-4000 and TV
  • Audio output   – for Background Music – use RCA cable (red & white) to connect from BM-4000 (Audio output) to Amplifier (Audio input/ Line In)
  • Record audio   – for your voice output – use RCA cable (red & white) to connect from BM-4000 (Recording In) to Mixer/Mixing Amplifier (Record Out/ Mix Out) – (Pic 1)
  • Combine audio   – combine your voice and Background music
  •            – use RCA cable (red/white) to connect from Mixer (Audio output) to Amplifier (Audio in).   Mixing Amplifier can skip this step
  •            **Note:  Before recording song, please set the record level to its max (turn that knob toward clockwise direction). If not, after recording, you cannot hear any play back sound.
  1. Touch Monitor Setup (see guide)
  • Image function – Plug VGA cable (included) into BM-4000
    Touch function – Plug CAT5 cable (included) into BM-4000’s Touch Screen port
    Power – Connect Power cable into Power port
  1. Additional setup
  • Microphone cable – connects Microphone to Mixer/ Mixing Amplifier
  • Speaker cable – connects Amplifier/Mixing Amplifier to Speakers
B. How to Record your voice (Pic 2)
  1. Search song you want to record:    Home > Song name / Singer > tap on the song you want to record
  2. While the song is playing, tap “Record” on top right corner > tap on “Microphone” icon
  3. Warning says that song will replay from the beginning in order for you to record >  OK > start singing

Left panel:

  1. To save:    tap “Saved” to save song into HDD
  2. To Restart recording:  tap “Re-record” for start record again

Right Panel:

    1. After recording, your recorded song will be listed on the right column of Recording menu.
    2. To listen to the recorded song: tap “Play” next to the song name
  1. To delete recorded song: tap “Delete” next to song name
  2. To download song into USB: tap “Download” next to song name
C. To save your song into USB:
  • – Plug your USB into BM-4000. > tap “Record” on top right corner > tap “Download” next to song name
  • – It will ask you to choose USB drive > select USB drive > Saved

*Song will be saved as MP3 and WMN format – with your voice and background music only. No video is recorded due to video license issue.

D. To play your song from USB (Pic 3)
  • – Plug your USB (with your recorded song file) into BM-4000
  • – Home > 2nd Page > USB Play > select your USB > Choose “Audio” > you will see the recorded files in MP3 or WMN forma > tap on file to play.

*Noted video will be black screen because the recorded file only saved as MP3 and WMN format – with your voice and background music only.

*After recording, the system will generate data for the recorded song, thererfore when you tap “Listen”, you will hear your voice playing on the original music video. However, when you download it into your USB, there will be no video recorded. And if you replay that recorded song from USB on BM-4000, the machine do not have the data to link your recorded song with its original video. So the screen appears to be black.

– For Recording FAQ –  See Section F here



Pic 1 – General connection


Pic 2 – Record Menu (Left: record button, right: record list)

Pic 3 – USB Play (Left: file in USB, Right: sort by type)

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