BM-3000 Support

BM-3000 Search Song – 搜歌點歌

How to search songs on BM-3000 

  1. by remote control
  2. by APP
  3. by Touch Monitor (optional)


A – By Remote control:

English  Press “Menu” on Remote > press “2” – search by spelling > select “Singer” or “Song name” > input ABC character > see list of song name > press “1-6” to select which song to play. (see pic 1-2)

Chinese  按 “系統” > 按 “2” – 拼音點歌 > 選 “歌手” or “歌名” > 輸入拼音字母 > 歌曲清單跳出> 按 “1-6” 選要播放的歌曲. (看圖 1-2)

Viet Nhấn nút “Menu” > Nhấn “2” – Pinyin > chọn “Ca sĩ” hoặc “Tên bài hát” > nhập ABC > list tên bài hát > Nhập “1-6” chọn bài hát play. (xem hình 1-2)

A1.  By Spelling/Pinyin (拼音點歌 )   –    only input  the first letter of Pinyin/word           

1. Chinese: Singer Song Name
– Character: 周杰倫 茉莉花
– Pinyin: Zhou Jie Lun Mo Li Hua
– Input: Z J L   (no space) M L H   (no space)
2. Type Words Input
– Viet Singer: Nguyễn Hồng Nhung N H N
– Viet Song: Mai Lỡ Mình Xa Nhau M L M X N
– Singer: Taylor Swift T S
– Song: Since U Been Gone S Y B G

Pic 1 – search by spelling/Pinyin

Pic 2 – result list

A2. Menu’s Interface TV主選單 Meaning
1. Singer 歌星點歌 Search by Singer
2. Spelling 拼音點歌 Search by Spelling
3. Language 語別點歌 Search by Language
4. Feature 歌曲類別 Search by Song’s Category
5. Dance 舞曲精華 Search by Dance
6. Stroke 筆劃點歌 Search by # of Words
7. My Favorite 我的最愛 My Favorite List
A3. Singer’s Interface 歌手點歌 Meaning
1. C.N Male 大陸男星 Mainland Chinese Male
2. C.N Female 大陸女星 Mainland Chinese Female
3. H&T Male 港臺男星 HK & Taiwan Male
4. H&T Female 港臺女星 HK & Taiwan Female
5. More Male 國外男星 Other Country Male
6. More Female 國外女星 Other Country Female
7. Group 團體歌星 Group/Band
8. All 全部歌星 All Singers

The order of Songs: (Song book – optional)

  1. Chinese: First order by Number of Word, then by Pinyin
  2. English: First order by Number of Word, then by Alphabetical order
  3. Vietnamese: same as English

–> Press “Language” button to choose song’s language or “Pinyin” button to enter to search bar

Song’s Name # of words Pinyin Order of Spelling
裂痕 2 words LH under L
Big Big World 3 words BBW under B
Kiếp Ve Sầu 3 words KVS under K
Singer’s Name # of words Pinyin Order of Spelling
張惠妹 3 words ZHM under Z
M2M 1 words M under M
Đan Trường 2 words DT under D


B – By APP:      (for Full tutorial – see link)

English instruction

  1. Download and connect app and BM-3000 (see instruction link)
  2. Open App > Tap “Song Name” > select Singer or Song name
  3. by Handwriting – for Chinese character (use your device input language – pic 3/4)
  4. by Spelling/ Pinyin – for Chinese character or English search. Only enter the first letter of each word (use your device input language – pic 3/4)
  5. by Stroke – for Chinese character

Chinese instruction

  1. 下載並安裝APP, 連接BM-3000 (see instruction link)
  2. 打開APP > 點擊 “點歌” 圖示 > 點擊「歌手」或「歌名」
  3. 手寫搜歌  (輸入中文字) – 請使用您設備上的語言輸入法 – 如圖3/4
  4. 快速拼音搜歌 (輸入中文字/英文) -只須輸入第一個字母. 請使用您設備上的語言輸入法- 如圖3/4
  5. 筆畫搜歌(輸入中文字)

**Add Key board language / 增加鍵盤/ Cách thêm ngôn ngữ bàn phím
iPad:    Go to Setting > General > Keyboard > Add new Keyboard > select your prefer
keyboard (such as Pinyin, Vietnamese, zhuyin…)
apple link:

Android:    Settings > Language & Input > Android Keyboards > select your prefer keyboard

How to Search Singer on iPad/Android App  Click Click Click 

Pic 3 – App – Handwriting and Pinyin Search for Singer name

Pic 4 – App – Handwriting and Pinyin Search for Song name

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