BM-4000 Support

BM-4000 Touch Monitor (EN)

Best Media Touch Monitor

Best Media Touch Monitor is only compatible with BM-4000 or BM-3000.  With its sensitivity touch, you can quickly navigate and search for songs.

a. Touch Monitor Setup
b. Touch Monitor Sensitivity
c. Interface
d. Add to My Favorite
e. Play Song from USB
f. Mic Challenge (scoring)
g. Sogou Search Engine
h. Quick Learn Singing
i. Cloud


A. Touch Monitor setup

Image function – Plug VGA cable (included) into BM-4000
Touch function – Plug CAT5 cable (included) into BM-4000’s Touch Screen port
Power – Connect Power cable into Power port

Problem Solution
No image – check VGA cable, reconnect VGA. Restart BM-4000

– make sure the cable is not loose

Cannot Touch – check the CAT5 cable, reconnect CAT5 cable.

– make sure CAT5 connect to BM-4000’s Touch Screen, not LAN

Monitor 19200:   Press “System” > “Basic setting” > OtherDev -> T_S (19200) pg 3/5

Monitor 9600:     Press “System” > “Basic setting” > OtherDev -> T_S (9600)   pg 3/5

Press “Return” button to go back to singing page.  The setting is saved.

No power – check if the power button is on. Button located at bottom back of Touch Monitor.
 **Monitor 9600 – has a sticker on the back

B. Touch Monitor Sensitivity

If you feel that the mouse point of touch screen isn’t sensitive when you are tapping. You can adjust Touch Monitor sensitivity by:

1. by Remote control:

– Press “System” > PW: 888888 > “Basic Setting” > “Touch Screen Area” Pg 3/5
– There are 4 Red dots appear on touch monitor > tap on the Red dots > After done setting, press “Return” to go back to singing screen > Done.

2. by Touch Monitor:
– Tap “Service” > “Setup” > PW: 888888 > tap “OK”
– Choose “Basic Setting” tab > “Touch Screen Area” > tap on the Red dots (Total is 4 dots, 1 on each corner)
– tap Red (X) to exit. It will save the setting.


C. Touch Monitor Interface:

1. Home Page

—-Pic 1—-

Home page 1 – Pic 1
Singer – search by singer name
Song name – search by song name and sort by language
New songs – list of new, updated songs
Dance – dance category
Hot – popular singing contest like I’m a Singer, Voice of China, etc…
Top list – rating top list – by language and category
Challenge Microphone – Scoring song: certain songs have this function (section F)

—-Pic 2—-

Home page 2 (swipe to left) – Pic 2
Feature – song category: birthday, festival, opera
My Favorite – My Favorite list, support multiple accounts (section D)
High Definition – High Definition quality song (1280×720 & 1920×1080)
Cloud – list of song on Cloud server (section I)
Quick learning – practice singing, sentence by sentence (section H)
Movie – movie category: Action, Comedy, Romance…
Foreign Language – sort by Language: Vietnamese, Japanese, Korea, etc…
4K Zone – 4K movie, 4K songs
USB Play – play songs / video from USB, enter USB menu. (section E)


2. Icon Meaning: (Pic 3)

—-Pic 3—- regular icons

Icon Meaning
[Up Arrow] – order song to queue list, or tap on song name
[Eye] – previews song
[Heart] – collect song into My Favorite
[Trash bin] – move song to delete list.

– go to “Service” > “Delete List” > “Confirm Delete” to permanently delete songs from hard drive

[Phone] – display QR code to connect to mobile APP

– It is located at the bottom right corner.

[Keyboard] – pull out keyboard to input character when search for songs

– Input includes: Pinyin, Vietnamese, Hand writing, Zhuyin

Cloud Song Icon:

– If the song is on Cloud, and not on the Hard Drive, it shows only 1 “Up Arrow icon”
– When it is not downloaded yet, you cannot preview or play the song.
– Tap on “Up Arrow” icon to download song.


3. Search Song

– Connect Best Media Touch Monitor to BM-4000
– Choose “Singer” or “Song name” > choose song language (Mandarin, Cantonese, English…)
– Tap on “Keyboard” icon (top right corner – 2nd line, under “Record”, “Service”, Scene”)

Key board icon
a. Pinyin keyboard follow A1 for inputting ABC letter (only the first letter)

only search Chinese/ English songs (Pic 4)

b. Hand writing input Chinese character (see Pic 5)
c. Viet keyboard same as Pinyin input, but only to search Vietnamese songs.
d. Zhuyin Taiwanese search song method, only for Chinese songs.

** For Pinyin input instruction:  How to Search Song (A1 & A4)

—-Pic 4—-

—-Pic 5—-

4. Setting

– There are several setting on the top right corner (Pic 6)

  1. Language – to change interface language (Traditional, Simplified, English, Vietnamese) – Pic 6
  2. Record – enter recording your own singing menu
  3. Service – more setting (system setting, Delete list)
  4. Scene – special effect (applaud, cheer, soft light, warm, standard light)


—-Pic 6—-

Service Menu (Pic 7)
Write your Blessing – blessing message will appear on TV screen
Voice control – voice control panel
Scoring on/off – scoring function (On/Off) – section F
Setting – system setting – required system password
OFF – turn OFF machine – required system password
Change Background – change Touch Monitor background

*Interface has to be Simplified Chinese in order to use this function

Fireproofing – fire safety direction (for KTV room)
Message feedback – send feedback or comment to manufacture (section C-6)
Delete List – list of songs you want to delete.

– tap “Confirm Delete” – delete songs permanently

Manual – user’s manual available on Touch Monitor (change Language to see manual in English, Chinese, or Vietnamese)
IP – shown IP address and network machine connected to.

– if no network shown, WIFI is not connected.

—-Pic 7—-

5. MTV Interface

You can view MTV screen on Touch Monitor like on TV. Tap on “MTV” to pull the video full screen on Touch Monitor. Tap again to come back to the select song interface.
– Home > tap “MTV” on the bottom row (TV icon) – Pic 8
– MTV Interface: full mtv and control panel (Pic 9)
– Top panel -> Mic +/-, Vol +/-, Key +/-, Next, Repeat, Pause, Vocal/Music, Mute, etc…
– Bottom panel -> you can move the slide to fast forward or backward the video.

—-Pic 8—-

—-Pic 9—-

6. Comment/ Message Feedback
To improve and expand our song library, you are welcomed to send “Comment” if you cannot find the song you want to sing.
– tap “Service” > “Comment” > Fill in song information (up to 4 songs/per request)
– tap on next page to fill in your comment, name, contact information, etc > tap “Send”

7. 4K Ultra High Definition
4K Ultra High Definition is the new video technology. With its high resolution, it can present better, sharper, and more realistic image. Its resolution can go up to 4096 x 2160 pixel.

– Home > page 2 > tap “4K > choose “4K song” or “4K Movies”

*Note: currently there is not many 4K songs available in the market. Due to its super high resolution, 4K is best for movie. You can record your 4K movie into the machine and watch with your family and friend.

8. Hot Shows
Popular challenging shows include: Voice of China, I’m a Singer, Duets, Mad for Music, Celebrity Battle, Masked King, and Dream Star Partner.


D. Add to My Favorite:

Create an account for you or your family member (by entering 6-7 number digits, which is easy for you to remember). You will able to add your favorite songs into your own list without searching the song name/singer name over again. Add to My Favorite supports multiple lists.

1. Create account (Pic 10)
– Home page > swipe to Home page 2 > tap “My Favorite”
– Enter your desired account number (ex: 123456) > OK

2. Add song to Favorite list
– Home > select “Singer/ Song name” > search by keyboard
– Next to song name, tap “Hear” icon > that song will be added into your Favorite list.

*See full article: Add to My Favorite

—-Pic 10—-

E. Play songs from USB 

You can play your music/video file from your USB. Plug USB device to BM-4000’s USB port.

  1. Home > 2nd page > tap “USB Device” > enter USB device page
  2. Left panel -> your music/video files will show up as a list > Tap on file name to play (Pic 11)
  3. Right panel -> control menu, sort by category: video, audio (Pic 11)
  4. MTV: play, pause, fast forward, back forward, next file, previous file.

**See full article: Format USB & Play Song from USB

—-Pic 11—-

F. Mic Challenge (Scoring)

Mic Challenge is a new added feature of BM-4000 for scoring/rating. It will be a fun activities for friend and family member.
*Only certain songs have this function.
*Scoring song: there is a “Score” letter on the Singer picture next to the song name > that song is scoring.

Enable/Disable Scoring – tap on “Service” > set Scoring to On/Off
To play song – Home > Top > Top Online Song > List of scoring songs > tap on the song to play

Customize scoring point:
a. by Touch Monitor:  
– tap “Service” > “System Setup” > Enter password > Choose “Basic Setting” tab > “Scoring setup” > change setting > tap Red (X) to exit > system will saved

b. by Remote Control:
– Press “System” > “Basic Setup” > select “Scoring Setting” (pg 4/4) > Change setting > Press “Return” back to singing page.


G. Sogou Search Engine (超級搜狗 ) – only for Chinese/English (Pic 12)

Sogou Search Engine is a new feature of BM-4000. You can search the song by enter related keywords of song name, singer, or even lyrics. (Search Input supports pinyin, hand writing)

– Tap “Search bar” between “Language” and “Record” icon (top right corner, see pic)
– Left panel -> select search by Song name, Singer, or Lyric
– Right panel -> search by Pinyin (Full Pinyin input) or Hand writing

—-Pic 12—-

H. Quick Learn Singing (Pic 13)

Quick Learn Singing is a new singing tutorial. User can use this function to quickly learn a specific songs by repeating one sentence multiple times.

– Home > Page 2 > tap “Quick Learn Singing” > enter the Learning menu (Pic 13)
– Left panel -> MTV screen
– Right panel -> control panel (red box pic 13)
*Only certain songs have this special function. Make sure your microphone is ready.

—-Pic 13—-

Control panel (red box on Pic 13)
1. Song List a list of song specific for this learning function
2. Continue Play Return to Public view, exit from Quick Learn Singing
3. By sentence Repeat current sentence again for practicing
4. Continue Learn Play the current sentence then move to the next sentence until the end of the song
5. Previous previous sentence
6. Current current sentence
7. Next next sentence
I. Cloud

If there are songs that you cannot find in the machine, you can search that song on our Cloud server. And if you still cannot find the song you want, you can send a song request to us (follow Section C-5). When we find the song, we will upload it to our server.

Download song from Cloud
  1. Home (Page 2) > tap on “Cloud” icon > Cloud’s Menu (Pic 14)
  2. At Cloud’s Menu, search song by song name/ singer > tap on “Download” icon next to the song name to start download. You can request to download multiple songs.
  3. Requested song will be sent to the “Download List”.
  4. Tap on “Download List” on the top left corner, you can view the download list (processing or pending)
  5. At “Download List,” you can choose to pause, stop, delete, priority download the song. When song indicates “Done Download,” you can tap to play that song.

*Note: each song will be downloaded and completed downloading in order. The machine will not download multiple songs at once.

—-Pic 14—-

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