BM-4000 Support

BM-4000 Record song from USB (EN)


Record and View Songs from USB  ( USB加歌)

a. Format USB
b. Play song from USB
c. Add song from USB
d. How to delete song

– Record Song FAQsee Section E here



I. Format USB

1A. Preparation:

*Music file: support format: VOB, MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG2, WMV) – Not support MIDI

* Please note that BM-4000 is a Karaoke player, not a Karaoke generator.
Your music files have to be Karaoke version (2 audio channels) in order to toggle from vocal to non-vocal in BM-4000. If the music is just a MTV (1 audio channel), then it cannot be switch between vocal to non-vocal when you record into BM-4000

1B. Format USB:     (*Make sure your USB is EMPTY or backup USB first)                               

– Format on Window: (Pic 1-2)
1. Plug USB into computer’s USB port
2. Click “Start”, choose “My Computer” > Right click on USB drive
3. Select “Format” > Choose “FAT32” > Check box “Quick Format”
4. Click “Start” and choose “OK”

– Format on Mac:
1. Plug USB into Mac
2. Click “Finder” > “Application” > “Utilities”> “Disk Utility”
3. Select the USB drive from the Left pane of Disk Utility (Make sure to select the root USB flash drive, not the intended under it)
4. Click “Eraser” tab on the right panel > Click “Format” drop down menu
5. Choose “FAT32” > Click “Erase” and then “Erase” again in the confirmation window
6. Mac will run to reformat USB.

—-Pic 1—–    

—–Pic 2—-

1C. Copy songs into USB:
– After format, copy songs into USB

II. Play songs from USB

a. by Remote:

Press “KOD/DVD” on remote > USB menu > Select option > Play songs (Pic 3)
– Video: list of video file inside the USB drive – Play song in order
– Picture: list of photos
– Music: list of audio
– Dir. Mode: it will pull up all the files inside the drive (ABC order) – press “Enter” and navigate to song you want to play.
– Press “Return” to exit and go back to singing page.

—–Pic 3—-

b. by Touch Monitor: (Pic 4-6)

Home > swipe to 2nd page > tap “USB Play”> tap on USB (left panel) > Select view “Video” or “Audio” > tap on song name to play. (pic 5)
– You able to view the music file forward or backward on Touch Monitor. (pic 6)
– This function only allows you to watch movie/music from USB. To record song into the drive, you have to use remote control.

—–Pic 4—-

—–Pic 5—-

—–Pic 6—-


III. Record songs from USB

Two ways to record songs into BM-4000 (your own songs)
  1. Quick Record: record without entering any information. Machine will generate Song’s Number. (only search by song number)
  2. Detail Record: record with entering detailed information (such as Singer’s name, Song’s name). After information entered, song’s name is able to read on  Touch Monitor and iPad/ Android app.

– Don’t forget to sync though if you use Best Media app

—–Pic 7—-

3A. Quick Recording Songs (快速錄製 / Fast Record)
  1. Plug-in USB to BM-4000’s USB port
  2. Press “System” > Enter PW: 888888 (default)
  3. Choose “Add/Del Song” (Pic 7) > Press “5” – USB Save Song
  4. On Left panel, USB will shown as “disc0”, press “Enter” to enter this drive (pic 8)
  5. Press “Enter” to select (check mark) video(s) you want to record. (pic 9)
  6. Press “Play/Pause” to start recording
  7. Press “1” for “Quick Recording” to quickly add song into the Hard Drive

*Note: Using this function, the system will automatically assign number for the song, so you should write down the song number for reference (starting from: 0500000-05499999)

—–Pic 8—-

—–Pic 9—-


3B. Detail Recording Songs ( 詳細錄製 / Detailed Record )

1. Follow Quick Record Song 3A ( Step 1-6 ) > Press “2” for “Detail Recording”
2. Fill in the song’s information. (see green instruction, red box on Pic 10)
– use “Up/Down” button to navigate, use “L/R” arrow to select song category
– use “Input Lang” to toggle input (ABC, abc, pinyin, 123, symbol)
3. Press “Enter” System will move to next song (If more songs are selected)
4. After finished filling information, Press “Start” to record (pic 11)
5. Press “Return” after system done recording, System will automatically saved.

*Please record song’s number and title for future reference.
*If you entered category for the song, (ex. Birthday song) you will find that song under its category
*Vietnamese song only can be input as English character.

—–Pic 10—

—–Pic 11—

3C. Data Add Song ( 補歌光碟  / Upgrade Nhạc )

Vietnamese: We have upgrade songs for each season (1000 song/ season). However, due to the large size, please contact us for instruction how to mail the machine for update.

We have update new songs every quarter (4 Quarters/Year), 150 songs/Quarter. Customer can order USB with new songs from us or send USB to our office to upgrade songs.
Please go to Home page > Service > New Song List on our website to view our latest song list.

To add song:

  1. After received the USB with new songs, please back up into your computer
  2. Plug USB into USB port.
  3. Press “System” > “Add/Del Song” > “Data Disc Add” (pic 12)
  4. Machine will load data and copy songs into Hard Drive (pic 11)
  5. After copying, press “Return” back to singing page. Input song ID to check for new songs

*Before mailing out your USB, please contact us to verify the size of USB because some quarters required larger storage.

—–Pic 12—


IV. How to Delete Song

4A. Smart Delete Function (智慧刪歌 )

You can delete any songs that you don’t like. Make sure you will not want it, because you can’t recover those songs unless you bring it back to manufacture to recover everything.

  1. Press “System” > “Add/Del Song” > Choose “Smart Delete”
  2. Select options that fit your need

Such as: 5 – Delete by Song Number > Input Song ID > Press “Enter” to start deleting
video instruction:  How to Delete song

4B. Delete by Data ( 批量刪歌 )

Required: only delete by quarter, this is a data text file
1. Plug USB into BM-4000
2. Press “System” > “System Setup” > “Add/Del Song” > Choose “Delete by Data”
3. Machine will load and delete songs from Hard Drive
4. Press “Return” back to singing page. Check your songs by entering song number

4C. Easy Delete songs By Touch Monitor:
  1. Select song:    Home > “Song” > Search for song you don’t want > Tap on “Trashbin” icon next to the song name > That song will drop into the “Delete List”
  2. To remove permanent:    Home > “Service” > “Delete List” > A list of deleted song will appear > tap on “Confirm Delete” on the bottom to permanently delete.


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