BM-4000 Support

BM-4000 My Favorite (EN)

I. Add to My Favorite (video instruction)

– Using Remote control
Part 1: Resgister account
Part 2: Add to Favorite/ Play song/ Delete song from list

– By Remote Control

– By Touch Monitor (optional)

**BM-3000 & BM-4000 “Add to My Favorite”  using Remote control are the same。(User Manual page 23)

II. Guideline

a.   By Remote Control
b.   By App
c.   By Touch Monitor (optional)


A. By Remote Control:

*For My Favorite, please view each password as 1 single account

1. You need to register one account for My favorite (我的最爱) Very Happy
a.   Click “Menu” on the remote control
b.   Choose “7” My Favorite
c.   The screen will ask you to create a password (Pic 1)
*This screen only for register new account or log into another account, not for delete account
d.   Enter your password/account. for example “11111”
e.   To register: Use L/R to choose “OK” and press “Enter”

—-Pic 1—-

2. Add, view, and delete songs in My Favorite
a. After your account has been set, press “Return” to main menu and start search song
*For example:
you can choose Language > Mandarin > Use L/R to select “Collect” 收藏 (on the TV screen) > Press “1-7” add that song into My Favorite list. You can also use “Page up / down” to navigate to next/previous page

Pic 2: use L/R to select “Collect” > Press “5” to add that song into my favorite (Pic 5). Notice highlight box on “Collect” not on “Request”

Col. – meaning “collect” song into Favorite list
Req. – meaning “play” or select this song to play

—-Pic 2—-

Under singer’s page: (pic 3)
– Yellow highlight -> song already added into My Favorite
– When collecting song, it will show song number (red circle below)

—-Pic 3—-

b. To view song My Favorite List:
–  Press “Menu” > Choose “7” My Favorite
–  Input the account number to view the list of that account
c. To delete song from my favorite (pic 4)
–  Go inside of My Favorite List
–  Press “C” (Clear) or 删除 next to the 0 button
–  Press “1-7” to select song you want to delete
*If you want to delete more songs, you will have to repeat step C   because you can only delete one song at once

Col. – meaning “collect” song into Favorite list
Req. – meaning “play” or select this song to play
Del. – meaning “Delete”

—-Pic 4—-

3. To delete whole account of My Favorite
–  Go inside of My Favorite List
–  Choose “Up and Down” button to navigate to Log Off (注销)(Pic 5)
–  Press “Enter” to delete the whole account


—-Pic 5—-

4. Create multiple accounts
You can always create multiple Favorite account.
For example, you already created account 11111, you can create new account 33333:
–  Press “Menu” > choose “7” My Favorite > Enter new account number

**Noted that if you have multiple accounts, the system will always ask you to log in your account number when you want to add songs into my favorite.  Therefore, it is recommended to create 1 account for saving your time to entering the account number.



Favorite: tap “Me” > Favorite > list of favorite song (each device only has one favorite list)

Add song open app > tap “Choose” > search song > hold on song name to show line 2 > tap “Favorite” (pic 6 – left)
Play song Favorite > tap “request” to play song
Remove song Favorite > hold on song name > tap “unfavorite” (pic 6 – right)

—-Pic 6—-

C. By Touch Monitor (optional)

Set up account: (pic 7)
– Home page > swipe to Home page 2 > tap “My Favorite”
– Enter your desired account number (ex: 123456) > OK
*notice this number will show below “Record” icon. If you tap “Heart” icon (Pic 7) next to song name > song will be added to this Favorite account

– You can create multiple account: On the register screen (pic 8), tap “Delete” icon to erase the line “Phone number” and re-enter new number > OK
*Register screen only allow you to create new account or login to another account. It will not delete the account. (Pic 8)

1. Add song – Home > select “Singer/Song name” > search by keyboard > On song name, tap on “Heart” icon > that song added into your Favorite list.  (Pic 7)
2. View List – Home > 2nd page > “My Favorite” > review account # > OK
3. Play song – In Favorite list > tap on song name to play
4. Remove song – In Favorite list > tap “X” to remove song from list
5. Delete account – Home > 2nd page > notice account # on line 2 (under “Record” icon) > tap “log out” icon under “Scene” to delete this account permanently (Pic 8)

—-Pic 7—-

—-Pic 8—-


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