BM-4000 Support

BM-4000 Connection Diagram

a. Basic Karaoke Setup
b. Advance Karaoke Setup
c. Advance Karaoke Setup with Recording

To Turn OFF:           – Simply press “Power” button in the front panel of the machine to turn off. You don’t need to pause / stop any music. It won’t harm the database or Hard Drive.

To Turn ON:   

  • After connect all wired cables, TURN ON TV first
  • Press the “Power” button in the middle of the front panel to turn on.

– Machine will load as 480p, then after it reads HDD & your TV setting, it will run as 1080p. -> this will keep the image stable.

– If you turn on the machine first, then TV. The HDD will only load the image as 480p -> the image may disappear while playing, but the audio still working.


A.  Basic Karaoke Machine set up:

Required:     – BM-4000 Karaoke System, Basic set of Microphone, and TV

Use TV’s speaker for Audio output, not High Definition

  • Audio – connect RCA cable (Red/White) from BM-4000 (audio output) –> TV
  • Video – connect RCA cable (Yellow) from BM-4000 (video output) –> TV
  • Microphone – connect Microphone cable from BM-4000’s front Mic panel –> Mic receiver

**For this setup, Microphone output quality will be very basic.  Be aware that high pitch or load noise can damage your TV’s speakers.



B.  Advance Karaoke Machine set up:

Required:   BM-4000, Mixing Amplifier (or Mixer & Amplifier), Microphones, and TV

*Touch Monitor is optional


(a)  NO sound from microphone if audio output is HDMI
                Please note that the HDMI video and audio’s content are digital, while audio (L/R) of AV component are analog. The audio from your microphone is also analog and therefore it cannot transfer the sound from microphone to the HDMI output. (refer to table below)

Output audio’s content Microphone
HDMI digital Cannot transfer sound

through HDMI

AV Component analog analog, able to transfer sound

Please note that most of Karaoke Player’s HDMI in the market are the same.  The purpose of HDMI is providing better video quality, and sound because it is made for home theater, unfortunately it is not specified for singing. Therefore, we suggest customer to use AV (white/ red cable) in order for microphone successfully transfer your voice into the system. Thank You.

*We suggest customers to sing songs with a pair of speakers instead of directly connecting to TV because it may damage the TV’s speakers. For the best sound feedback, we suggest customers to get an mixing amplifier and speakers. If you have any question about speakers or amplifiers, please feel free to contact us.



C.  Advance Karaoke Machine set up with RECORD

Required:   BM-4000, Mixing Amplifier (or Mixer & Amplifier), Microphones, TV, and Touch Monitor

Record Connection method:
  • Video output:   use HDMI to connect from BM-4000 and TV
  • Audio output   – for Background Music – use RCA cable (red & white) to connect from BM-4000 (Audio output) to Mixer (Audio input/ Line In)
  • Record audio   – for your voice output – use RCA cable (red & white) to connect from BM-4000 (Recording In) to Mixer/Mixing Amplifier (Record Out/ Mix Out) – (Pic 2)
  • Combine audio   – combine your voice and Background music – use RCA cable (red/white) to connect from Mixer (Audio output) to Amplifier (Audio in).   Mixing Amplifier can skip this step
  • **Note:  Before recording song, please set the record level to its max (turn that knob toward clockwise direction). If not, after recording, you cannot hear any play back sound.


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