BM-3000 Viet Support

BM-3000V General Question – Trường Hợp Thường Gặp

1. HDMI and AV Component
– BM-3000 supports both HDMI Audio and Video.

a.  NO sound from microphone if audio output is HDMI
Please note that the HDMI video and audio’s content are digital, while audio information (L/R) of AV component are analog. The audio from your microphone is also analog and therefore it cannot transfer the sound from microphone to the HDMI output. (refer to table below)

Output audio’s content Microphone
HDMI digital Cannot transfer sound through HDMI
AV Component analog analog, able to transfer sound

Please note that most of Karaoke Player’s HDMI in the market are the same.  The purpose of HDMI is providing better video quality, and sound because it is made for home theater, unfortunately it is not specified for singing. Therefore, we suggest customer to use AV in order for microphone successfully transfer your voice into the system. Thank You.

b. NO image if plug HDMI
1. Turn ON TV First
2. Turn on BM-3000 – This method will keep the image stable on 1080p
*If you turn on BM-3000 then TV, the HDD only loads the images as 480p. This make the image not stable on HDMI. The image will disappear while playing but the audio is still playing.

*We suggest customers to sing songs with a pair of speakers instead of directly connecting to TV because it may damage the TV’s speakers. For the best sound feedback, we suggest customers to get an mixing amplifier and speakers. If you have any question about speakers or amplifiers, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

2. Regarding “Service” & “KOD/ DVD” button
– The remote control is not broken. These two buttons are NOT applied to BM-3000. They are only for machine with DVD and KTV service. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
– “Service” button is for calling service in KTV Room. In fact, BM-3000 is just a home-used based Karaoke System.
– “KOD/DVD” button is for switching between Machine and DVD. However, BM-3000 doesn’t come with any DVD case.

– Trên Remote Control, có 2 nút ̣”KOD” & “Service”. 2 nút này không có tác dụng gì cho BM-3000 tại vì những nút này chỉ apply cho phòng hát KTV thôi. Chúng tôi thành thật xin lỗi. Xin quý khách hàng thông cảm.
– “Service” là dùng cho gọi phục vụ trong phòng KTV, nhưng BM-3000 là máy hát Karaoke cho Gia Đình.
– “KOD/DVD” là dùng cho switch từ Karaoke đến DVD, nhưng BM-3000 không có support ổ DVD.

3. Add Song Software
– Unfortunately, we do not have any add song software for BM-3000. We are sorry that it is our mistake of including that page in our Manual. However, you can simply plug an USB Flash Drive with your songs into BM-3000 and it will record your favorite songs into the system in just a few minutes.

Please also check out our New Manual available on our official webpage
—Updated December 2014:  New User Manual PDF Link
– “Add to My Favorite” for both iPad/iPhone, Touch Monitor and Remote Control
– Connect iPad/iPhone
– iPad/iPhone interface and How to search for songs.

4. iPad/iPhone App  v.s  19″ Touch Monitor Comparison Chart

5. Language Conversion (System Set Up)

– Some customers are having difficult time to convert from Chinese back to English / Vietnamese. Please follow this simple guide to help you get back to your comfortable interface. Thank You.

6. Viet App – Change language

Open App > Setting > Language conversion > Select your desired language > OK


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