BM-3000 Support

BM-3000 – USB Add Song (by Quarter)

This tutorial will teach you how to add song (bought from Best Media) into BM-3000. This is for Chinese machine only. USB update song by quarter (4 quarter/ year). If you plan to upgrade more than 3 quarters, we suggest you to bring your machine to our office to upgrade.

Due to its large content, Vietnamese owner please bring the BM-3000 Viet to our office to update.

Video tutorial:
a. Format USB
b. Add Songs

a. Copy song into USB
b. Record song into HDD


Video Tutorial

1. BM-3000 Add Song Disc Tutorial 1 (補歌光碟教程1)
– How to format USB to Fat32 ( 如何 format USB 到 Fat32)
– How to copy songs to USB drive (如何復制歌曲到USB盤上)

2. BM-3000 Add Song Disc Tutorial 2 (補歌光碟教程2)
– How to copy songs to Hard Drive (Fast Add Song)



A. Copy Songs Into USB
1. Format your USB: (Make sure your USB is EMPTY or backup USB first)
For Window:

a. Plug USB into computer
b. Click “Start”, choose “My Computer” (Window)
(Apple will automatically open DVD)
c. Right Click on USB Drive
d. Select “Format” (Pic 1)
e. Choose “FAT32” (Pic 2)
f. Check box “Quick Format” (Pic 2)
g. Click “Start” and choose “OK”

For Mac OS, please follow the instruction of this youtube video to format USB
Format USB to FAT32 on MAC

2.  Copy new song and its data into the USB. (song files & 2 text data: add_song.txt & del_song.txt)

*Make sure to back up all the file (by quarter) into your computer first.
——————-Pic 1——–                                             ————Pic 2————-


B. Record Songs into Hard Drive by USB
1. Plug USB into BM-3000’s USB port
2. Press “System” and enter PW: 347437 (default)
3. Select “Add/Del Song” (Pic 3)
4. Choose “Data Disc Add” (Pic 4)
5. Recording screen will show up as (Pic 5).
6. After all songs has been recorded, press “Back” to Public View, Data will automatically saved.

*If there is repeated song number (sometimes, we replace the better version of the same song), it will ask to replace the song file inside the hard drive. Press “C” to Cancel, Press “Enter” to continue replacing. (Pic 6)

—————————–Pic 3——————————-

—————————–Pic 4——————————-

—————————-Pic 5——————————–

—————————-Pic 6——————————–


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