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BM-3000 – Record song into HDD (your songs)

Vietnamese machine:
– Detail Record Song is still on hold for Vietnamese machine, we may have that feature opens in the future

Sometimes, we have celebration events like Birthday Party, Anniversary Event and we want to play customized slideshow video for our love ones or playing TV shows for the party. With BM-3000, it is very easy to add a customized video/ TV shows into the hard drive by simply categorizing the movie/video type as “MOVIE,” please follow the guide below.

A Preparation:

* Please convert the DVD series/Movie/TV shows video as a movie file (Support Format: VOB, MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG2, WMV)
* Please note that BM-3000 is a Karaoke player, not a Karaoke generator.Your music files have to be Karaoke version (2 audio channels) in order totoggle from vocal to non-vocal in BM-3000. If the music is just a MTV (1 audio channel), then it cannot be switch between vocal to non-vocal when you record into BM-3000

B. Recording Steps:

  1. 1. Plug USB into USB port
  2. Press “Setup” (系統) and Enter PW: 347437 (default)
  3. Select “Add/Del Song” (增刪歌曲)
  4. Choose “USB Save Song” (USB歌曲錄製) (Pic 1)
  5. Check mark video you want to record by press Enter
  6. Press “Start” (開始) when you are ready to record
  7. Press “2” for Detail Recording (詳細錄製) (Pic 2)
  8. Fill in the song information (use Up/Down button to navigate Title, Artist, Language, use L/R button to select song category)
  9. On Song Category Section: Choose “MOVIE” 電影 (Pic 3)
  10. Press “Enter” (輸入) System will move to next song (if more songs are selected)
  11. After filling all the information, press “Start” (開始) to begin recording
  12. Press “Back” (返回) after system is done recording, system will automatically saved

—Pic 1—

—Pic 2—

—Pic 3—

*During the process of fill in song information, please kindly record down the song number and song title for future reference

C. Locating the songs:

  1. Back to the main menu, public view (公播畫面)
  2. Press “Menu” (主選單) a list will pop up like picture
  3. Press “4” for Song Category (歌曲類別) (Pic4)
  4. Press “3” for Movie (电影欣赏) (Pic5)
  5. All your movie, DVD Series, videos, TV Show will be under this MOVIE category

*Note: when you fill in the song data, you have to choose “MOVIE” as song’s category in order to find that song under MOVIE category
*DO NOT use Quick Recording (快速錄製) Photo (Pic 2) if you want your file to be categorized under specific category

—Pic 4—

—Pic 5—


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