BM-2000 Support

BM-2000 Sound and HDMI Question

  1. No Sound but have picture after connecting via HDMI**Please note that the HDMI interface carries the high-definition digital video information, while audio information (L/R) is carried by two separate audio cables with RCA pin plugs at their ends.  This is because while the video and audio contents of the disk are digital, the audio from your microphone is analog and therefore cannot be ported to the HDMI output.  In order to use HDMI Audio output:
    Option 1:
    Due to the development of technology, most TV LCD nowadays contain not only HDMI input, but also RCA input. If your TV has RCA output (which is Red, Yellow, and White) just simply plug in HDMI cable on HDMI output, and plug in Red and White (for audio output) on your TV. Then change the setting of your BM2000 into HDMI setting.  Then you can enjoy high definition video quality with the music without spending any extra money.*Please don´t plug Yellow because yellow is for video output. In this case you are using HDMI to replace it.

    Option 2:
    If your TV does´t have RCA output but have HDMI input, don´t worry. You can purchase an 3-RCA male Audio Video Component (Blue, Red, and Green) at any electronic stores such as Fry´s, Bestbuy, Ebay, or Amazon.  Its price range between $6 – $10.

    Option 3:
    If you are still desperate for high audio quality, then you can choose to buy an amplifier.

    2. There are sound, but NO image after connecting with HDMI

    – Make sure your TV channel is HDMI, and remember to also plug in AV component.
    – Press “Key” button 10 times repeatedly to toggle between HDMI and AV input (located on the 1st row above the grey area, the 3rd button counting from Left to Right). It is between “Play” button and “REP” (Repeat) button

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