BM-2000 Support

BM-2000 遙控器疑問- Change language

Shortcut Key for BM-2000/ BM-2000 遙控器疑問

1. TV Mode 
– location: under Red “Power” Button
– To toggle between TV mode and DVD mode
– On TV mode (or consider KOD mode): input songs number, select songs, select artist, etc
– On DVD mode: able to watch DVD, able to use function that is printed on the white remote control and on top of the button. Please refer to remote control for details.
Eg. Press “Next” for Stop in DVD mode
Press “C” for Zoom in DVD mode

2. “i” button
– to view the list of songs (were selected)

3. “Heart” button
– add to “My Favorite”

4. “Key“ (with a return arrow) – (還原)
– location: in grey area, between “Play” and “REP” button
– Press 10 times repeatedly to switch from HDMI –>  AV Component [Video(1/2)]
– Press “Setup” within 10 seconds to confirm new changes.

5. “CAP” – (輸入法)
– location: 2nd row in grey area, between “Eject” and “B.G”
– 注:有一批中文遙控器印錯, 把”輸入法”印成”背景”
– Language input: toggle between Pinyin, Zhuyin…

6. “B.G” (Background)  – (背景)
– location: 2nd row in grey area, next to “CAP”
– 注:有一批中文遙控器印錯, 把”背景”印成”刪除” (DEL)
– change Background image of MIDI songs (some old English songs)


To change language Interface. Please follow these steps:

– Press “Set UP” Button on remote control

– Choose the First one on top right Corner for Language [ Menu Language (語言選擇)]

– Select “English/Chinese traditional/ Chinese Simplified” by using UP/DOWN button

Setting Interface:

Playlist (公播類別)

Menu Language (語言選擇)

Song Update (光碟補歌)

Video (影像輸出)

System Update (系統更新)

Data Sync (質料同步)

Disc Recording (自录收藏)

Miscellaneous (多媒體欣賞)


English (英文)

Chinese Traditional (繁体中文)

Chinese Simplified (简体中文)

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